The Peppino team is constantly seeking unique forms of creativity.
Our Type 81 was created with this approach. Through our research we came across a gifted Korean artist named Kasiq Jungwoo Lee.

Based in Seoul, Kasiq is an illustration artist specialized in fashion. His creative gift enables him to produce stunning artwork through his use of watercolors. Watercolour to Kasiq in his words:
“Watercolour painting has ‘purity’ and ‘depth’. I have long been fascinated by its attribute of fast colouring arrived after a long time sketching and shaping the ideas in my mind. A simple and wishful purpose of painting a fine work in the first place, changes to the purpose of my own feelings of brushing on papers, which then eventually becomes my own playing games. While enjoying the games, it has evolved to a profession one day”

We were so happy to have collaborated with Kasiq to create a unique wearable artwork pieces, our Type 81 long sleeve tee. In explaining the concept of the season and offering some ideas for structure, Kasiq interpreted and produced a work that was beyond our imagination. We are proud to offer this unique piece within the Fall 23 collection. It is a one of a kind created by a soulful artist brought to you by Peppino Peppino.