The Founder, Simona

PeppinoPeppino was born from the heart and soul of Simona Testucci. A veteran of the fashion industry, Simona had always imagined creating a small batch brand offering capsule collections which are opposite of the conformity of the mass market. “I have wanted to create my own denim brand since I started working in the fashion industry, over two decades ago. It took me a while but I finally managed enough courage and conviction to do it. My dream was realized when I launched the first PeppinoPeppino denim capsule at Pitti in June 2019. I have always been fascinated by authentic craftsmanship and vintage clothing, especially military and workwear. On top of that I have been a denim lover since I finished college. I would never do anything that I wouldn’t wear, PeppinoPeppino denim fully represents my idea of style and aesthetic”.

Co-owner, Suzanne Perrenod

When the universe brings two liked minded individuals together the synergy and mutual inspiration derived from one another is tangible. This energy and drive is what drove Suzanne to become Co-owner of Peppino Peppino S.r.l.
Knowing very well, “In a small company you are involved with everything”, Suzanne brings over 25 years of industry expertise specializing in supply chain operations, product and material planning, margin optimization and product lifecycle management.
Together Simona and Suzanne make up a diverse and complementary team bringing all the tenacity and knowledge required to build Peppino Peppino and make it a brand to not only watch but to want to wear.

The moment PeppinoPeppino was conceived

While walking through Berlin dreaming of the possibilities, Simona came upon a group of ragazzi, Italian for kids. They were abundant in energy, immersed in their own world. This world had no boundaries, it was fueled by enthusiasm and curiosity. Everything was fresh and exciting. Every moment was about sheer joy and playfulness. There was no agenda other than making the good time last. This is the moment the Peppino Peppino concept was born. A brand that was born from imagination. A brand representing the spirit of youth. A brand that offers uniquely cool pieces. A brand that aims to brings levity to the chaos of this everyday world.

Made in Italy with good intentions

Our Company

PeppinoPeppino is a niche, agile and compact brand. We don’t have a global supply chain, we have localized personalized partners who we consider extensions to our growing company.


We begin with a selection of quality materials from our carefully selected Italian mills and trim suppliers, all nearby to our manufacturing facilities in Veneto.
We then build up the collection with our pattern maker to ensure the perfect execution and fit which PeppinoPeppino has become known for.


We intentionally run small batch production, just enough to supply PeppinoPeppino styles to people who want them. This is why you might see items unavailable from time to time as we carefully plan our units. So if you love it, buy it as it might not be there tomorrow!